Fox Valley Adoption Support Group - History

The Fox Valley Adoption Support Group has provided invaluable support for adoptive families for over 20 years. Its board and volunteers hosted many activities including adult education seminars, children's holiday parties at Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine's Day, Bowling and Fishing Family Parties, Summer Picnics, a Playgroup, and Progressive Dinners for Adoptive Parents. In recent years, the demands on adoptive parents and the needs of current adoptive families have changed. There has been a lack of volunteers to fill the leadership roles of the group. Therefore the former board members decided to disband the Fox Valley Adoption Support Group in the form it was with board members, dues, and regularly scheduled activities, effective January 31, 2007. The monies in the treasury have been allocated as follows: $375.00 donated to Camp Pride Korea, $375.00 donated to Hands Around the World, and $50.00 to cover expenses of our volunteer webmaster who will maintain the website and email list as an adoption forum.

Fox Valley Adoption Group - Who we are

The Fox Valley Adoption Group is now a loose affiliation of people who want to encourage adoptive parents in the Fox Valley area (in the Chicago, Illinois, western suburbs) to get together and support each other regarding adoption issues. Most of our members are from St. Charles, Geneva, Batavia, North Aurora or Aurora, but others live in other nearby towns, mainly in Kane and DuPage counties. There are no membership dues. Our web site may be used as a forum where events of interest to adoptive parents living in the Fox Valley area may be posted, and we have an email list for all of our members (although it gets very little activity). If you want to post something, want to join, or have questions, contact [email protected].


Contact [email protected] for more information.